Energy Efficient Window Film Vs New Windows – Comparison on Performance

First you need to find out if you really need new windows.

Here are some questions for you, answer as if the cost wasn’t an issue:

In Winter time frost or ice forms on the inside of your windows panes?
You never get to hear your fridge motor, even at nights?
You live on a busy street and cars and noises bother you all the time?
In cold weather your windows let the cold air in, you can see your draperies moving and feel cold air sometimes?
Your windows are difficult to operate, elders and children may be at risk in case of emergency? (Are your windows too heavy?)
Are your frames rotten, or you have dry rots around the outside of your windows?
Are your windows are aesthetically unappealing?
Can you see light through your window frames?
Are you just looking to save money on your energy bill?
You got aluminum framed windows and these are damaged, faded to rusted brown, yellowish, or so.?
Do you see broken seals around your window frames, the grids are fallen, or have another major issue?
You are building an addition or remodeling a room?
You got a room that is too dark, has a nice area for a better window and/or needs natural light?
Paint is falling off the outer / inner adjacent area to your window?
Does your double pane windows, accumulate water, moist, mold, vapor, fog, etc?
Does someone in home uses Oxygen for medical proposes?
Can you hear your windows shaking when slamming a door?
Here is the best advise: Get a Professional offering you a free estimate for your new windows, and decide if they are or not for you. Decide if you are going to be buying new windows and when…Please do not let them over price this for you. A Better Quality Window, with life time warranty and the best looking on Vinyl frames retrofit or replacement windows shouldn’t take you to bankruptcy… Here we have analyzed several of the best brands…Ask me. (Can’t publish for obvious reasons) But please do not fall for the cheap ones, nor the one price fits all…you could regret it sooner or later.

Now here is the comparison between energy efficient windows Vs. Energy efficient film, on its performance.

NOTE: – We are departing that none of the above questions in the first section is an issue on your case.

Energy efficient window film

Think on energy efficient window film in situations where you have older, or low-efficiency, but still airtight windows and if you need to increase their energy efficiency without spending a lot of money on new windows. These films cut on radiant heat passing through your windows and also reduce UV radiation entering the home and a little bit the amount of visible spectrum light as well. Help avoid color fading and so much advantages mentioned in this site.

Energy efficient window film is very easy and fast to install: You wouldn’t need a highly trained contractor, so you save money on the installation as well. (Find the link with instructions at the bottom of this article)

Of course, energy efficient window film doesn’t block out all infrared radiation, but it does get most of it: rejecting 99% of the UV radiation reducing fading and the risk of skin cancer.. And it provides close to the same level of energy efficiency as buying new windows with low-E coatings, assuming you are not in the situations listed above.

Energy efficient window film, can block up to 38% of the heat loss that normally escapes through your windows in winter, and up to 70% of the solar energy that normally enters through the windows in summer.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, solar window film can increase thermal comfort and reduce glare.

If you came finding technical information, here are some amazing numbers about the efficiency offered by some of the best of these films:

Total Solar Energy Rejected more than 70%
UV Light Rejected Almost 100%
Glare Reduction more than 80%
Visible Light Reflected Exterior more than 40%
Solar Heat Reduction almost 70%
Energy efficient Double Pane windows (Replacement vinyl framed windows)

Obviously there is no comparison on the performance of these extremely high technology products. And is not due to the dual glass panes compared against the single pane windows, And not only the multilayered films that come in both of the panes of these windows, but in top of that now they come with Argon gas filling between the glass panes, (Argon is a harmless gas, very dense and bad conductor of heat, always present on the air we breath all the time; so is not scary.)

The sophisticated and technologically advanced material used in the construction of the frames of these windows, together with the very unique design of the vinyl frame profiles, the quality of the new technology applied to gaskets and seals, spacers, etc. There is no match on the efficiency obtained. These new windows may save up to 40% of your utility bill under certain conditions.

You will need a responsible and reputable professional advise to learn about your possible savings. It all depends on where you live and how do you live. He will know with a few questions if new windows will reach this goal. Get additional info here at the bottom of the article.

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